jueves, 24 de julio de 2008

i´m sorryyyy

I'm sorry my English is not very good so that helped me with a translator on line but attempts to put what it is in English KP .... I see that Spanish is difficult for some ...
this is basically an idea that emerged from nowhere .... but with ilusion that we will expand among many hope ... purport to be a place where we make our products echos each hand ..... what you know ...
but with all really ... thousand thanexcited .... echo of this idea departed from Karyn and I are good ...... brujildas jejejeje
This will be the only time I practically qque address you in English ... I am sorry but my knowledge of the language and smuy not good and need for logistical support in order to express myself so .. that is a translator on line ... if they ... personally step in my relationship and things precioss ne English and marichita Karyn and I hope they do the same ... to facilitate the task a bit .... but you will be the only time this is a blog .... xastellano jejeejj disculpennos but my knowledge of English is terrible ... and the French forgot what I have ... even half that eventually will do what it can buenaente ... thousand thanks

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