viernes, 25 de julio de 2008


we continue with our good intentions ... and even if you do not translate everything pk is impossible for us ... even if the m as important ... with the help of a translator or as it is today ... and everything sposible .. .. as a step to translate what you wrote marichita ... by kissing her and mios

I put some of the prices of my work. The singles are $ 8.00 ea have a measure of 15 "x 11" The rectangular table centres U.S. $ 20.00 c / uy measuring 33 "x 11" The square table centres U.S. $ 14.00 c / uy measuring 16 "x 16" All these prices include freight in regular mail. Any other form of transmission, will be agreed upon at the time of treatment. As for the tables sharp cross depends on the design, size and complexity of work and that conversation and that is the price. And also discussed the cost of shipping. Preferably are sent not framed by the security table arrives in excellent condition and also by the weight and cost of shipping.marichita

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